Monday Night Skating...Then & NOW!!!

Monday Night Skating is a Skate Night for LGBT Folks and Friends...on a Monday of course!!!


Started long ago by some brave and FUN individuals in the DC Metro Area, Monday Night Skating was epic in its day!!! I won't name names, but you will most likely meet the early folks out on the rink!!! And just you try to keep up with them haha!!!

This spectacular event happened EVERY MONDAY at a roller rink in Lanham MD. There was the PRIDE week skate, the Halloween Skate Party, the crazy-sexy-breezy Underwear Skate Party, pretty much every holiday theme one could imagine, and then some!!!

From Michael K. :

"My first Monday Night Skates were in 1984 at the old Alexandria Rink off the GW Parkway (sponsored by the gay DC SPORTS league) and we were still skating at that location as late as autumn 1986. Once the rink closed we moved to Lanham, and for a while we were in Rockville -- not to mention the support trips to the Baltimore gay skates in Towson!"


Monday Night Skating was SoOoOoOoOo much fun WE ARE STARTING IT ONCE AGAIN!!!

So if you want to get your groove on to 70's, 80's and sometime 90's music, and you love to skate, quads, inline, rollerblade, and possibly even ice skate (if as a group we decide to muster up the nerve in winter), then get yourself to the rink with us for 2-3 hours of the most fun you can have on 8 wheels!!!

SUPER FUN INDEED!!! Don't forget the "COUPLES SKATE" which is the perfect ice breaker to meet your next love interest (round and round holding hands in the sweet!!!), and "reverse skate" (can you turn the other way???)...remember the all to much fun "backward skate"...yikes/yeeha!!!

***If you have a particularly fond memory of YOUR Monday Night Skating Adventures, please do email them to us!!!***

Moving forward, Monday Night Skating will be the LAST MONDAY of each month! Please email us at to get on the email list and keep you informed of special events : ) Want to be a us!!! It's so much fun, you won't regret it!!!