Monday Night Skating...Thanks you for YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Monday Night Skating is a Skate Night for LGBTQ Folks and Friends.

Being a sponsor is a big deal for Monday Night Skating. It helps us to confidently plan, to secure rinks allowing us to throw an all LGBTQ skate. It helps us advertize, maintain web presence, and if need be help to secure transportation for the bigger parties.

Beyond building community through fun, part of our mission statement is to be able to give back. Fundraisers will be a large part of what we as a group and organization will do. That money goes directly back to our LGBTQ community. You as an organization, will be known as the backbone of what we do!!!


Remember how much fun it was to go skating!!! The lights go out for the "Couple's Skate", everyone laughing at themselves during "Reverse Skate", locking hands in the center to spin round and round, making requests of the DJ for awesome and fun music !!! As thanks and in return for your sponsoring Monday Night Skating, we will (or you can personally) give a plug to your organization, hand out any palm cards or other tangible items/documents and we will post flyers or banners at key points to remind the skaters how and why they are having so so so much FUN!!!

For more exposure or bang for your buck, sponsor the big Underwear Party, PRIDE Week Extravaganza, and/or any number of fun Mondays!!! Give/donate enough to cover admission and it can be considered your organization's party!!! SUPER FUN INDEED...the most fun you can have on 8 wheels!!!!!!

Again, moving forward, Monday Night Skating will be the LAST MONDAY of each month! Please email us at to get on the email list and keep you informed of special events : ) Remember, being a SPONSOR is so much fun, you won't regret it!!! Nor will your business or organization!!! If you prefer to have us arrange a personalized private party, this is possible as well. Email us at to make any and all arrangements. Thanks!!! Have FUN!!!